Paul Adeyoyin (Paul) is the Chief Operating Officer of Primus Grace LP. As a key member of the Primus Grace Management Team, Paul is responsible for efficiency of the firm’s operations as well as her extensive and sustainable growth.


As an Harvard trained former Mckinsey Consultant, Paul brings on board wealth of experience in (management) consulting and supervising establishments and complex projects as well as transactions. With several years of experience working with McKinsey, Procter and Gamble as well as Coca-Cola Hellenic Company, Paul is overly qualified and strategically placed to oversee the firm’s day-to-day operations, manage the firm’s and clients’ risks exposure on transactions, briefs and engagements handled by the firm for clients, oversee and ensure seamless completion of complex clients’ projects and market-defining transactions, while equally managing clients’ feedback, satisfaction and quality assurance.


Paul routinely works with clients in different parts of the globe including Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. One of the key projects Paul has been involved in is the successful management of a €30,000,000 (Thirty Million Euros) Construction and installation project of a new Coca-Cola Hellenic line in Lagos, Nigeria, where he worked alongside a global team of expats from Krones (Germany), Oxor (Greece) and Stanfery (India).


In addition to being a Certified Public Speaker (CPS) by Toastmasters International, Paul is regularly called upon by multinationals, corporates and various organisations and also enjoys working with private equity, venture capital firms and start-ups with a bias for technology oriented companies.


Paul has been a recipient of many prestigious scholarships and awards including the Chevron National Merit Award; MTN Foundation Award for Excellence and Ambassador for Tedder Hall, University of Ibadan.


Apart from his Harvard Certification in Intellectual Enterprise, Paul holds a Bsc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Automation Intelligence from the University of Ibadan.