Our Regulatory Compliance Team enjoys offering services to corporates, with a view to helping them comply with relevant legal framework in the industries they play in. This we do with and for our Clients to provide cost-effective and comprehensive solutions on a wide range of corporate needs and prevent regulatory issues long before they arise.

We advise on matters of corporate matters, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism, corruption, sanctions, data protection, and financial regulation, amongst others. Our team members are ever ready to assist our Clients – pre, post or even during a regulatory crisis or problem or where they are the subject of investigation.

We support our clients in responding to new regulatory proposals and requirements, while developing, testing compliance strategies, and advising on best practices in compliance processes that can stand the rigorous test of time.

We understand that the stakes are higher as regulators and investors, alike and non-alike are becoming less tolerant of actual or perceived corporate mistakes or non-compliance. We are very much aware that given the influence of social media, the interaction of risk management and public relations is more important and we understand that major breaches can challenge the ability of companies to operate effectively and damage the management team’s credibility.

Our promise to clients who rely on us for our regulatory compliance services include: an in-depth understanding of the implications and requirements of new regulations; implementation of appropriate processes, policies, and procedures; designing and assessing policies and procedures, while ensuring that our Clients are fully fortified and covered at all times from any regulatory risk (exposure).