We take delight in providing legal support to our Clients on all aspects of the oil and gas value chain including upstream operations, midstream and downstream activities as well as the oil services. Our team handles oil and gas exploration, development, and production projects; Conventional, deep-water and unconventional resource exploration, production, and development projects; Upstream, transportation, gas sales, plant operation, as well as financing of gas projects, amongst others. 


It follows, therefore, that we are able to assist clients in energy related infrastructure projects including pipelines, gathering systems, platforms, and floating production systems; acquisition, divestiture, and exploration and production assets and midstream infrastructure financing; energy-based financings – reserve-based lending and project finance inclusive; royalty trust structures, Volumetric Production Payment (VPP) used in both the oil and gas sector and mining industry, to mention but a few. 


We have advised clients at all stages of oil and gas projects. We have had the privilege and always excited to work with governments and government agencies, national oil companies (NOCs), industry stakeholders and participants including project sponsors, operators, partners, contractors, suppliers, lenders and insurers, among others, to negotiate, structure, and document multifaceted, stimulating and innovative oil and gas exploration, development, and production projects. We equally have hands-on experience on decommissioning of oil and gas installations. 


Having worked closely with the industry stakeholders as well as market leaders and leading institutions in the Nigerian energy industry on different transactions, regulatory matters and energy related disputes, we can conveniently assert that we have the requisite seasoned expertise and technical-know-how to not only solve our Clients’ most complex challenges but also help our Clients avoid such challenges long before they arise.