Not only do we handle complex and sophisticated legal matters, we are often called upon by clients to help manage legal risks and outwit litigation.


When engaged, our Dispute Resolution Team focuses on our Clients’ commercial objectives, with a view to achieving success – whether through amicable settlement or resolution of such matter or through having deploring the best (un)adversarial methods within the earliest time possible and adopting the most cost effectively dispute resolution option(s).


The firm has a proven track record of advising on the most complex disputes, using litigation, arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). From negotiation to mediation and conciliation as well as providing representation for before arbitral tribunals, our dispute resolution lawyers resolve disputes in the most effective way.


Nonetheless, where litigation becomes inevitable, our team ensures priority is given to achieving the commercial objectives of clients, while assessing the possible commercial, reputational and legal risk such potential litigation pose to our Clients. This, the team does, having analysed possible negotiating weaknesses of the parties and devised optimal procedural tactics or ingenious settlement tactics.


Our lawyers equally advise our clients on the pros and cons of using arbitration, the different geographical options available as well as the need to tailor arbitration clauses to the needs of different contracts, parties, geographies and legal systems.