We have been engaged in a substantial number of ‘big-ticket’ banking, finance and capital markets transactions.


From issuing debt and equity to derivatives and structured finance, our market-leading banking, finance and capital markets practice advises on the full range of transactions including equity–related transactions, including IPOs, secondary offerings, block trades, rights issues and convertible and exchangeable bonds. We also routinely advise on project finance, secured lending, Islamic finance and all other forms of asset-backed and structured finance.


When on banking, finance and capital market related transactions, the Primus Grace Team brings to the fore – technical expertise married with wealth of experience of engagements by financial authorities, regulators, commercial banks as well as development finance institutions (DFIs).


We work closely with our clients to meet their expectations of and ever ready to advise on complex and innovative issues at the forefront of the banking, finance and capital markets. We routinely advise financial institutions, top multi-national companies and investors on cutting-edge banking, finance and capital transactions across different industries and ever ready to provide guidance to financial institutions on their day-to-day business operations.


The Primus Grace Team can advise on include:

  • securities and securitisation transactions;
  • regulatory capital;
  • equity-linked (convertible and exchangeable) bond issues;
  • structured finance and derivatives;
  • equity, debt transactions;
  • structured bond transaction, including asset-backed commercial paper;
  • covered bonds;
  • project bonds;
  • credit card receivables;
  • hybrid project finance;
  • loan portfolio sales and related financings;
  • receivables financings; and
  • utility financings.