Our promise to our Clients is not only to be trusted advisors to their businesses but also provide services that are efficient, innovative and robust enough to cover their needs at all times.


Here at Primus Grace, we are committed to providing as well as serving our Clients with the best quality legal advice and insights obtainable in the industries they play in. This we do by fusing our team’s in-depth local expertise with excellent global standards.


We pride ourselves in our abilities to combine the seasoned experience, leading-edge attorney skills and the zest of our commercially-minded lawyers, to solve complex legal challenges for our Clients; whenever and wherever they surface, and even prognosticate such issues long before they arise.


With our very passionate, highly driven and purposeful lawyers who take great pleasure in helping our Clients steer and navigate muddy or seemly untested water of challenges they encounter regularly, we continue to challenges and push ourselves to exceed our Clients’ expectations from time-to-time. At Primus Grace, our Clients’ challenges are our challenges and we assure our Clients, at all times, to do all we can and whatever it takes to help achieve the best possible outcome.


 We always assure our Clients that they can, at all critical times, approach us to assist them in making the best decisions timeously. We make our Clients understand how important they are to us and equally let them know how much their success stories mean to us and why we are committed to ensuring they succeed in all their undertakings or engagements. We are very passionate about helping our Clients achieve their goals, however ambitious and no matter how many obstacles they face.